Experience one on one Optician service by Sergio, let me help you customize or solve your complex prescription problems, or simply help you in choosing the correct eyewear style. I’m known for my fast affordable quality one of a kind parlor service.

Established in 1998, Sergio T. at Z Optical , has have been the Staten island’s premiere optical shop for designer prescription eye glasses and sun glasses. Z Optical has brought optical eyewear to the forefront of fashion and introduced Staten Island to brands such as Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Tom Ford, Dita, Ic! Berlin, Chrome Hearts, Mosley Tribes, Fred, and much more for over one decade. We also carry more competitively priced lines of eyewear you love such as Gucci eyewear, Fendi glasses, and Ray Bans, to accomodate most anyone. We also carry children’s glasses. There’s an Independent Doctor of Optometry inside our store. The doctor is  dedicated to eyecare. In their offices, you’ll find state of the art technology, including the latest patient-friendly tools, which enable your doctor to write you an accurate prescription.

Over the past 20 years, Z Optical has developed the reputation of delivering great results for its clients especially in being successful and proficient in providing the best optical services, eye care services, quick and efficient eye exams, and high-quality eyeglasses in Staten Island.

Our goal at Z Optical is to ensure the best customer service, ensure that you are able to walk out of our place knowing that you have purchased the best quality eyeglasses in Staten Island, knowing that you have received great eye care services, and dealing with the greatest opticians.



Z Optical provides exceptionally efficient and effective eye exams in Staten Isand. We have four great doctors on staff and Sergio  (himself) is an optometrist. Here's a listing of our doctors and staff, and book your appointment with us today:

  • Dr. Hashmi Anees
  • Dr. Zlotina Alla
  • Dr. Syed Mansoor
  • Dr. Rozenblum Roshelle
  • Dr. Golubchik Yeliza Veta
  • Sergio Tash



At Z Optical, we accept most insurance and union plans. If your insurance or group is not accepted below, please call (718) 667-8800 and ask us because we may accept it.

  • Davis Vision-fidelis-healthfirst
  • Eyemed
  • Spectera
  • Uft
  • Local #1 Stagehands Union
  • Local #1-2 ConEd, Utility Workers of America
  • Local #2D Liquor Salesmen's Union AFL-CIO
  • Local #2,3,5 Storeworkers Security Plan - and a number of small shops
  • Local #3 ConEd
  • Local #7 Tile Industry
  • Local #7 Tile Industry Welfare Fund Plan B
  • Local #7 Tile Industry Welfare Fund Retirees
  • Local #8 United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
  • Local #8A-28A Metal Polishers Welfare Fund
  • Dist. #15 International Association of Machinists AFL-CIO
  • Local #15 Operating Engineers
  • Local #18 Wholesale Wine Salesman Distillery Workers
  • Local #21 Plumbers
  • Local #28 Sheet Metal Workers Union - LU Division
  • Local #28 Sheet Metal Workers Union - Production Workers
  • Local #30 IUOE International Union of Operating Engineers - Private Employees
  • Local #30 IUOE International Union of Operating Engineers - Municipal Employees
  • Local #40 Ironworkers (See "Ironworkers")
  • Local #60 Westchester Heavy Construction Laborers
  • Local #74 United Service Workers (USWU) (New York State)
  • Local #74 United Service Workers (USWU) (Outside of New York State)
  • Local #91 United Crafts & Industrial Workers Union
  • Local #94 Local #94, 94A, 94B Operating Engineers
  • Local #108 The Recycling and General Industrial Union
  • Local #143 United Health & Welfare Fund
  • Local #202 Union Welfare
  • Local #237 Teamsters Active and Retired Welfare Fund
  • Local 246 SEIU New York City Welfare Fund
  • Local #259 United Auto Workers
  • Local 282 IBT Welfare Trust Fund
  • Local #295 IBT Employer Group Welfare Fund
  • Local #300 Service Employees International Union (Active & Retired)
  • Local #306 Theatrical Employees Health Fund
  • Local #338 Duane Reade Division - See Allied Welfare Fund
  • Local #338 Retail, Wholesale & Chain Store Food Employees Union - PLANS 1B, 1P, 2G, 3S
  • Local #338 Retail, Wholesale & Chain Store Food Employees Union - PLAN 2B
  • Local #361 Ironworkers (See "Ironworkers")
  • Local #365 United Autoworkers
  • Local #371 Social Service Employees Union (SSEU)
  • Local #389 District Council #1707
  • Local #417 Ironworkers (See "Ironworkers")
  • Local #444 Sanitation Officers Association - ACTIVE & RETIRED (all states)
  • Local #475 Health Insurance Fund (I.U.E.) Local #522 Welfare Fund Local #522 Roofers Local #764 IATSE Local #802 American Federation of Musicians
  • Local #803 I.B.T. Plan B
  • Local #831 - Active (See "Uniformed Sanitationmens' Association - Active")
  • Local #831 - Retired (See "Uniformed Sanitationmens' Association - Retired")
  • Local #854 Uniformed Fire Officers Active & Retirees Association
  • Local #858 IBT, O.T.B. Welfare Plan (under "Schedule A")
  • Local #891-B Welfare Fund
  • Local #891-C Welfare Fund
  • Local #918 Welfare Fund
  • Local #1056 Amalgamated Transit Union - ACTIVE
  • Local #1056 Amalgamated Transit Union - RETIRED
  • Local #1180 CWA - ACTIVE
  • Local #1180 CWA - Pediatric Benefit for Dependents Under the Age of 19
  • Local #1180 CWA - RETIRED
  • Local #1199 National Benefit Fund (New York Providers)
  • Local #1199 Greater New York Fund
  • Local #1199F National Benefit Fund for Florida members only
  • Local #1199J New Jersey Benefit Fund
  • Local 1205 I.B.T.
  • Local #1500 United Food & Commercial Workers Welfare fund
  • DC#1707 Health Insurance Fund
  • DC#1707/#389 (See Local #389)
  • Acclaim Entertainment (See EyeMed)
  • Adelphi University (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Air Jamaica (See EyeMed)
  • Allied Digital Technologies (See EyeMed)
  • Allied Security Health and Welfare Fund
  • Allied Welfare Fund Local 338
  • Atlantic Container Line (See EyeMed)
  • Assistant Deputy Wardens/Deputy Wardens Association Security Benefits Fund
  • AT&T Non-Managerial (See EyeMed)
  • Barclays (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Baretta USA Corp. (see EyeMed)
  • Bridge and Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association
  • Buffets, Inc. (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Building Trades Welfare Benefit Fund
  • Carestream Health, Inc. (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Chico's FAS, Inc. (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Citywide Association of Law Assistants
  • Civil Service Bar Association
  • Cleveland Cliffs Inc. (See EyeMed)
  • Coach Leatherware Company Inc. (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • CBT - Consolidated Bus Transit ($35 Plan)
  • CBT - Consolidated Bus Transit ($75 Plan)
  • ConEd Local 1-2
  • ConEd Local 3
  • ConEd Management
  • ConEd Orange & Rockland Group #40706
  • ConEd Orange & Rockland Group #40707
  • ConEd Orange & Rockland Group #40708
  • ConEd Orange & Rockland
  • ConEd Retirees
  • ConEd Safety Glass Program (Coned Safety)
  • Consolidated Natural Gas (CNG) (See EyeMed)
  • Consulate Management Company (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Correction Captains Association Security Benefit Fund - ACTIVE and RETIRED(NY State)
  • Correction Captains Association Security Benefit Fund - RETIRED(Outside of NY State)
  • Day & Zimmermann (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Deputy Wardens Association (See Assistant Deputy Wardens)
  • Doctors Council Welfare Fund (Active and Retired Members)
  • Doctors Council Welfare Fund (Part Time Members)
  • Dole Food Company (See EyeMed)
  • Dow Corning (See EyeMed
  • Drywall Tapers Insurance Fund
  • Express Scripts, Inc. (See EyeMed
  • EyeMed
  • Fabricenters of America (See EyeMed)
  • Federation Pension Bureau
  • Globe Valve Corporation (See EyeMed)
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co (See EyeMed)
  • HMSHost, Inc. (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • HOFSTRA University (See EyeMed)
  • Hollow Metal Trust Fund
  • Interpublic (See EyeMed)
  • Iron Workers - Local #40, #361, #417
  • Iron Workers Safety Glasses - Local #40, #361, #417
  • Judd's Incorporated (See EyeMed)
  • Klockner Namasco Corporation (See EyeMed)
  • Lucent Technologies Management Group #102849 (See EyeMed)
  • Lufthansa German Airlines (See EyeMed)
  • Maxima Corporation (See EyeMed)
  • MGM Resorts International (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Michigan Bell Telephone (See EyeMed)
  • Mount Vernon Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund
  • National DCP, Inc (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions
  • National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions
  • NCA Benefit Plan
  • NCA Florida
  • New Community Hospital of Western Suffolk (See EyeMed)
  • Newspaper Guild -- See "New York Times"
  • New Rochelle Water Authority
  • NES, Inc. (See EyeMed)
  • N.Y.C. District Council of Carpenters (Active & Retired)
  • N.Y.C. District Council of Carpenters (Non-Eligible Individuals)
  • N.Y.C. Municipal Steamfitters
  • N.Y.C. Retirees Health & Welfare Fund
  • New York Public Library (See EyeMed)
  • New York Rehabilitation Care Management LLC
  • NYSNA-New York State Nurses Association
  • New York Stock Exchange (See EyeMed)
  • New York Times- Newspaper Guild
  • NHR Corporation - Tony Romas (See EyeMed)
  • Ninth Judicial District Court Employees Association Benefit Fund (NJDCEA)
  • Nissan North America (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Nordstrom (See EyeMed)
  • NVA Group Listing
  • NVA - AIG and American General Employees
  • NVA - Daimler Chrysler Corporation - Plan 1 Professional-Administrative, Management and Executive Employees, Retirees and Surviving Spouses, and Non-Retirees and Surviving Spouses
  • NVA - Daimler Chrysler Corporation - Plan 2 Bargaining Unit Employees, Retirees, and Surviving Spouses in Wisconsin
  • NVA - Daimler Chrysler Corporation - Plan 3 Bargaining Unit Employees, Retirees, and Surviving Spouses (excluding Wisconsin)
  • NVA - Ford Motor Company Active Employees
  • NVA - Ford Motor Company Retired Employees
  • NVA - Pilsbury Winthrop
  • NVA - Union City Board of Education
  • NVA - Univision Communications, Inc.
  • NVA - All Other NVA Plans
  • Oceanside Secretarial Unit
  • Orange & Rockland Consolidated Edison Group #40706
  • Orange & Rockland Consolidated Edison Group #40707
  • Orange & Rockland Consolidated Edison Group #40708
  • Orange & Rockland Consolidated Edison Group #40709
  • Origin Technology in Business (See EyeMed)
  • P.U.D of Snohomish County (See EyeMed)
  • Perot Systems Corporation (See EyeMed)
  • PhotoCircuits Division (Safety Glass Program ) -- AERO
  • Pressmens
  • Railroad Employees National Vision Plan (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Randstad Professionals US (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Reuters (See EyeMed)
  • Reuther Mold & Manufacturing Group (See EyeMed)
  • Rockefeller Foundation (See EyeMed)
  • Rockefeller University (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (See EyeMed)
  • Sanitation Officers Association (all states)
  • SIAC (See EyeMed)
  • Storeworkers Security
  • Southwest Airlines (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • Suffolk County Water Authority (See EyeMed)
  • Syroco (See EyeMed)
  • Texaco, USA inc (See EyeMed)
  • TNT Skypak, Inc. (See EyeMed)
  • Tony Roma's (See EyeMed)
  • Township of Riverhead (See EyeMed)
  • Uniformed Fire Fighters' Association
  • Uniformed Fire Officers' Association -- (See "Local 854")
  • Uniformed Sanitationmens' Association (Active Members)
  • Uniformed Sanitationmens' Association Welfare Fund (Retired Members)
  • Union Security Trust Fund/Display Fixture Workers
  • United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund (UFT)
  • United States Catholic Conference (EyeMed)
  • Walgreens (See EyeMed *New Plans For 2013*)
  • WCI Steel Co. (See EyeMed)
  • Westchester Heavy Construction -- (See "Local "60")


Kids Eyeglasses starting $50.00

Come and view our kids eyeglasses today starting at $50.00. We have durable kids eyeglasses. Children today are on computers and tablets a lot, this can damage their eyes further due to Blue Light but here at Z Optical we are able to sell you an addition for your child’s glasses that can protect their eyes from the blue light with a state of the art coating. This coating also reduces glare, makes them resistant to scratches, repels dust, resists smudges, and repels water. With our wide variety of frames we are sure to have the right pair for your little one, so stop by our shop and view our children’s glasses today. Same day glasses are available in most cases.
accept it. We are the premier optician in Staten Island to carry high quality brands of children's eyeglasses. 


Nikhil Sinha ★★★★★

My experience with Z optical is one of its kind. The store, the staff (Sergio), is just amazing. I wanted to buy a pair of glasses for my dad who has progressive power. The one he was using, broke and he had to leave for India soon. Sergio unlike other sales person, really showed us a lot of patience and endurance and helped us in finding the best glass and in the best price possible. I really can't ask for more. This is the place I am going every-time I need a glass. Good Job and keep it up.

Gia Piccolomini ★★★★★

Sergio is amazing! I have been getting contacts from him for about 3 years now, and it has been nothing short of great. I wanted to then try a pair of glasses. I have a pretty high prescription so I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take for them to come in, but it took less than a day and he got my prescription perfect! Plus, the price he gave me was great and very reasonable. Definitely recommend!

Avni Osmani ★★★★★

I had a great experience buying glasses here. Sergio is very knowledgeable, professional and you can really tell that he cares about his clients. I am definitely only buying glasses from Z Optical from now on and recommending my friends and family to come here. Don't waste your time going somewhere else, you will find amazing designer frames at great competitive prices here.

Mary Asaro ★★★★★

Expert service very happy will go there again for eyeglasses very friendly owner.

Dawn Rao ★★★★★

I had an amazing and easy experience at Z optical! Sergio makes it so easy to get glasses! The prices are great as well! Totally recommend going.





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